Platform X

What is Platform X

Platform X is a one-stop computation framework to help financial institutions control their risk management processes, explain results and adapt to evolving needs in a transparent, efficient and auditable way. It hosts multiple applications which enables client to configure the framework according to their requirements.

It can handle the most complex portfolios in the most advanced jurisdictions, reducing time to implementation, while a comprehensive support for methodologies and approaches allows customers to test and adopt easily. It provides an out-of-the-box loss forecasting and provisioning solution for CECL and IFRS 9.

"The framework is built on Apache Spark and other Open Source technologies such as Mongo DB and Java Application Server to facilitate dynamic, responsive in-memory computation and maximize scale."

How does it work?

Platform X reflects our comprehensive understanding and extensive experience with finance and risk management frameworks of major financial institutions spread across the globe. Our clients across different geographies have been successfully using the applications presented in the framework to meet with the new regulatory guidelines such CECL, IFRS 9, CCAR among others.


Helps organizations in developing and explore multiple modelling methodologies, perform comparative analysis between models to arrive at the optimal version, forecast metrics of risk with minimal IT involvement.


A fully declarative, configurable and scalable technology framework that works consistently from the desktop to the cloud.


Establish Integrity & Transparency with a thorough explanation of results to all stakeholders with lineage and traceability results, full repeatability of outputs and dynamic attribution analysis.